When the March Hare made its New York debut this spring, the NQ was all set to join the fun. But weather disrupted flights through Montreal, delaying our arrival into the readings start time. (And there was the misunderstanding over essential, and tragically mislaid, vouchers with the shuttle bus; fortunately we had the kindest and most understanding shuttle bus driver in the long and fabled history of shuttle bus drivers.) Long story short, we missed it. But Mandy Keeping didn’t. Here are some of her photographs, with text from Daniel Payne, recording this remarkable festival.

1 Anita Best Explorers Club

The March Hare, the annual gathering of writers, storytellers, and musicians, made its first leap across the US border this past March, nearly thirty years after it first appeared to a small beer drinking crowd in the Corner Brook Blomidon Golf Club. Dreamed up in 1987 by organizer Rex Brown and his longtime friend, the late writer Al Pittman, the March Hare’s range has extended over the years to include shows across not only its native home of Newfoundland, but also Ontario, Nova Scotia, Ireland, and this year, New York City.

2 Rex Brown reads at Explorers Club

The Explorer’s Club, a brick building tucked between Madison and Park Avenue in Manhattan, was the Hare’s only American stop. Produced in partnership with expedition travel company Adventure Canada, the show featured readings from authors Lisa Moore, Paul Dean, and Rex Brown, as well as music from Anita Best and Daniel Payne.

3a Explorers Club

The venue is also the headquarters of the explorer’s society of the same name, and brims with over a century’s worth of relics from around the globe and beyond.

More to come …