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Terras de Bacalhau
, Land of the Cod, centuries of cross-Atlantic connection and, oh yeah, something to eat. Cultural connections, baked in. (image:


(image: His Girl Friday – 1940, d Howard Hawks)

so are the days of the NQ creative cycle – just one month to spring copy deadline!

Cantino_planisphere_(1502)This is known as the Alberto Cantino planisphere – created in 1502 it divides the known (and unknown) world between Portugal and Spain. Newfoundland was drawn on Portugal’s side, while Labrador’s moniker was distilled from the Portuguese labrador – landowner – first given to what we now call Greenland. (image: wikimedia)

Can you guess what it is? You’ll be able to read all about it in our spring issue.

2018bannersparksIt’s become something of a winter tradition – and NQ will be there. Readings, Q&As, panel sessions – all open to the public & free yes free.

2018brings lots of new plans to NQ’s desk – new publishing schedules, exciting theme issues, even some office relocation. (image: seemtobesew.com0