Our next issue is going to have a little hit-the-road, unfold-that-highway-map kind of vibe. Six days and we put the design pedal to the metal. (image: acquilabooks.com)

No-Writing-Is-WastedGood to keep in mind as we approach summer copy deadline :)(image:thewritepractice.com)

150map-medium-crop-alphaThere’s a special event in St. John’s tonight, sponsored by The Walrus magazine: great talks, exciting ideas, a fine theme; NQ will be there with bells on. (image the walrus.ca)

star-gazingWith the spring issue just out, we now chart our new stories, images, poems, mysteries … (image: radiowoking.co.uk)

Basic RGBNQ prize draw this afternoon on CBC Radio! (image: centreforexceptionalchildren.org)

Even as we await our spring issue (six more sleeps!) we’re already envisioning the summer NQ

Inspirationnotions & designs lighting up our story board. (image: gillmarketinggroup)

(image: unwinnable.com)