Bannerman Park_compressed
We may not experience it as a full season, but we own it as a state of mind. We see people juggling in Bannerman Park, streaming down to Quidi Vidi to catch the Sheepdogs concert, making group runs for their favourite ice cream. At NQ we also enjoy counting down to our fall issue deadline: one month; one month minus one day …  (image:

It’s a hundred years since we adopted Daylight Savings Time – Daylight Slavings Time to its opponents, who included Charles Darwin – Newfoundland in fact led the way in North America, where the change was dubbed “Anderson’s time” after proponent John Anderson. Which hasn’t stopped powers-that-be from trying to make the clock “better” (anyone remember the Great Double Daylight Savings Experiment of 1988?). (image: media-cache-akO.pnimg.)

Here’s our set-up from the International Small Islands Conference – three days of incredible stories. NQ got to chat with people from all over the world.20170617_090609(Note our new subscription prize poster:) ) (photo: J Sullivan)

julesdidierjacquesguiaudlarmandbarbes1870Summer NQs en route by noon 🙂 (image: theparisreview)

imperfs-2Labels & mail bins at the ready. Fresh-off-the-press NQs in reader’s hands soon. (image: tanglecrafts.files)

renewal 1 11With our summer issue blooming into ink and paper, we have a moment to connect with subscribers asking to renew; all ticking along like a dandelion clock. (image:

3and we’re close to fitting that last piece. (Image: