Can you guess what it is? You’ll be able to read all about it in our spring issue.
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2018bannersparksIt’s become something of a winter tradition – and NQ will be there. Readings, Q&As, panel sessions – all open to the public & free yes free.

2018brings lots of new plans to NQ’s desk – new publishing schedules, exciting theme issues, even some office relocation. (image: seemtobesew.com0

& Good Will toward People. (& let’s take a deep breath & a nice break)

b4cb46c4747b34d079874aedd4f6ac20--s-christmas-modern-christmasThanks Anna Templeton, for a lovely tea & fair – but if you missed us there you can still catch us at the office, we’re here 🙂 (image: pining.com)

First we bin ’em, then we post ’em. Distribution underway, expect yours soon!
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4400-28_sommeliers_gefu_lltNQ is always excited to b invited to a literary wingding, and this is one of the wing dingiest. WANL’s Fresh Fish Award is an annual celebration of the best unpublished novelists, and the winner is announced this Thursday!