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We studied our content flow, balance, and palette; we minded and mended our Ps and Qs; we tweaked this and finessed that and had a last minute panic over those other things; and then, when it was as good as we could make it, we filed. Publication April 2.(image: George @

en route with our route to our spring issue. (Image:

Now find us in London, where even some of the world’s most glorious architecture won’t distract us from NQ business. Relocated to the Sloane Avenue Starbucks, with all text and imagery filed, proofing pdf #2 will take us through this Friday and into the weekend. It’s not just the alignment of any individual page but also the configuration of the magazine overall that need our eyes and ears; do the words and pictures balance out; do the articles ‘talk’ to each other; does the issue zing, does it flow? We’re on it like a car bonnet, as our British friends say. (image:

We’re running through our first proofing now – and you should see the cover! – the spring issue at this stage existing as a conversation between editorial and design, living on our laptop screens as we tweak, finesse, discuss, and order. And of course our setting is infusing the writing and imagery, in theme and topics and focus. An unusual period of rain and thunderstorms isn’t keeping us from our explorations and conversations and engagement with our exotic locale. We’ll have lots of special, can-only-gather-it-here-and-find-it-in-spring-NQ stuff, including evidence that Portugal’s historic, economic, and cultural connection to Newfoundland and Labrador is literally inscribed in stone. (image:, Peter Lübeck)

3On assignment in Lisbon, city of mad traffic, lovely people, and glorious-ramshackle architecture. Everyone is outside, reading in parks, canoodling around monuments, watching televised rugby matches in bistros four tables wide, although they consider these days a brief cold spell (12 degrees). Coffee is not just a drink but a way of life, while dishes like ovos moles have gained historic recognition and protection.  But it’s not all meia de elite and lounging around Chiado – although we are drinking foamy coffees and people-watching in artsy, funky neighbourhoods – but the spring NQ is coming together, too, distilled in and through this place. Heads up for biography, theatre, and culturally-linked walkabouts exploring and illustrating the links between Newfoundland and Labrador and Portugal. (image: mapped

Terras de Bacalhau
, Land of the Cod, centuries of cross-Atlantic connection and, oh yeah, something to eat. Cultural connections, baked in. (image: